Under the supervision of Director Farid Assaf, supported by more than 22 years of large and professional experience in production fields, your event will be transferred into a work of art. Your satisfaction is always his final goal and his Vision is simple… it’s yours!

He dives into the creative process, implements your vision, applies innovation and determines the best course of action for your final product.

F&J Production house, owned and managed by Director Farid Assaf, with a company of a highly trained and experienced team, offers a wide range of services that meets any clients’ requirements and provides him with excellence and professionalism through creativity, hard work and high standard of quality.

TV Programs

- “AHZAB LOUBNAN” 2000-2002 NBN A highly important documentary about 13 Lebanese parties and their role during the war. This program is considered a rich archive simplifying the history of an essential phase of the Lebanese war and the political situation at that time. Interviews were made with the head of these parties and the politicians that had influenced their historical process. Stories were told for the first time, most of them occurred during the Lebanese war. This program is sold nowadays on DVDs in the Arab world.

- “HARB TAMMOUZ” (July war) 2006 Al 3alam TV A documentary from 33 episodes about July war 2006 in Lebanon. It was broadcasted daily during 33 days in July 2007. It includes a very important archive of this war. Each episode dealt with a special topic. Interviews were made with well- known Lebanese politicians.

- “TAHADIYAT ALMAR’A” (Women challenges) 2000 NBN This program consists of interviews with famous women around the Arab world (shooting done in around 20 countries). Each episode included reports about the women’s situation in the Arab world. An appreciation certificate was offered for Mr. Farid Assaf for directing the program from the executive secretary of ESCWA at that time Mrs. Mirvat Tellawi in a special celebration gathering.

- “WOUJOUH” (Faces) 2004-2005 NBN. A documentary from 45 episodes bout Lebanese and Arabic celebrities and details about their personal lives.

-“ALMOUHARIBOUN ALKOUNDAMA "( Ex-warriors) 2004 aljazeeraTV Mr. Assaf directed one episode of the political documentary "with the ex-warrior Akl Hamiyeh . Many scenes were taken using by the docu-drama technique.

-“ SAID KHOURY” 2005 NBN, Al-Arabiya TV, Tele Lumiere. A documentary about the founder and owner of The Consolidated Contracting Company “CCC” Mr. Said Khoury. It was filmed in several Arabic and European countries and broadcasted in several channels.

- “SIYAHA” Future TV. An advertising program about touristic places all around Lebanon.

-“ CHOUHOUD” LBCI &Tele Lumiere . Director of this program prepared by father Youssef Mouwaness from 193 episodes consisted of interviews with   celebrities about their religious and social life.

Exclusive Documentaries

- Pharmaline & Cosmaline Medical Company (1998-1999)
- “Lavajet” waste management company in AL-Ain –Abu Dhabi(2008)
- Al-Ain municipality (Abu-Dhabi) (2008)
- USEK University in Lebanon.
- BALAMAND University in Lebanon
- “St Charbel
- “St Antonios”
- “St Estephan”
- “Maronites in world” shooting in 11 countries ( ongoing)
- “Raymond Jbara”
- “Maki Japanese Restaurant”
- “C.C.C”
- “Dubai Police”
- Military and civil aviation in KUWAIT, for the Ministry of Information in KUWAIT(2002-2003).
- 5 stars hotels in KUWAIT, for Ministry of Information in KUWAIT(2002-2003).( Sheraton, Crown Plaza, Al Safir , Radisson Sas, Hilton).
- Producing and directing (80) Informative spots about « La Piara » presented by Mrs. Sana Naser, diffused on LBCI in the year 2003-2004
-Directing live interview program for Aljazeera TV “ MALAFAT KHASSA” prepare by Ahmad Mansour.

VIP Weddings

- Wedding of princess Nof Bin Nayef Bin Abdel Aziz Al Sou3oud ( Minister of interior) in Saudi Arabia.
- Wedding of Princess Hossa Bin Fahed Bin Abed el Aziz.in Saudi Arabia.
- Engagement of Princess Mashael Bin Naef Bin Abdel Aziz Al Sou3oud in Saudi Arabia.