F&J Production house deals with a wide range of services that fall under production category. We will deliver your project with cutting edge quality and within your budget.

- TV Programs and Documentaries: Our production house has achieved several political, historical and social programs and documentaries in different Arab and European countries, including “Docu-dramas”.

- Weddings: your wedding pictures are uniquely yours, capturing a moment that means more to you than you can express .this memory deserves to be preserved according to a perfect creative and artistic vision. All our experience in TV directing will be used to transfer your wedding ceremony into a work of art With Photography, video, lighting and sound services. Our touch makes really a big difference, so that day may be unforgettable.

- Events: along with providing photo and video services with premium quality, by our specialized, experienced and punctual team, we assist our clients in organizing the event with our large connections in the domain of production and public relations.

- Editing: The heart of video production is editing which is an intuitive art. Our team embraces long experienced talented editors that can bring footage to life in an innovative manner adding what is necessary from the motion graphics, special effects and animation techniques, as well as the convenient music tracks that provides an emotional identity and impact to the product.

- Photo sessions: professional shooting sessions with Hasselblad H5D-50 Medium Format are offered for any kind of required mission. Portraits, advertisement, artistic pictures, etc… all naturally rectified with Photoshop program to ensure the perfection and the vividness of the picture.

- Rental: a wide selection of cameras and lighting equipments are available for renting, with or without an operator. Our team is highly trained and fully devoted to serve you with remarkable expertise and respectable presence.

- Archive: our production house owns a very rich archive that worth nearly 400 thousand dollars, ready to be sold to any production task. It includes historical, political, natural scenes starting from the year 1910, taken in Lebanon, the Arab world and other countries.